7 Yard Dumpster

Upgrade your waste management solution with our top-of-the-line 7-yard commercial dumpster. Designed for businesses of all sizes, this durable container offers unparalleled capacity and convenience, making waste disposal a breeze.

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20 Yard Dumpster

Elevate your waste management efficiency with our premium 20-yard commercial dumpster. Designed for businesses with substantial waste disposal needs, this spacious container combines superior capacity with convenience, offering a dependable solution for various industries.

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What can I throw away in my dumpster?

We Happily Will Take:

Construction Materials - Wood, Tile, Cabinets, bricks, insulation, drywall, cement. 

Garage Clean Outs - boxes, old work out equipment, holiday season items, furniture.

Carpet / Flooring

Vegetation - branches, stumps, wood rounds, fallen trees, leaves. 

Is there anything I cannot throw away?

Hazardous Waste, Asbestos, Chemicals, Oils, Fuels, Pesticides, Acids, or Paints, Cleaners or degreasers, Radioactive materials, Explosives, Septic Tank Plumbing, Raw Sewage or Sludge, Semisolids, Infectious waste, Tires, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, TVs, or Computer Monitors.

Do I need to be present when the dumpster is delivered?

We would prefer that there is someone available upon delivery - we will do our best to put the dumpster in a desirable location for the customer, provided the driver can safely maneuver. If no one is available at the requested delivery time, the driver will place the dumpster in the most accessible location.

Will a dumpster damage my driveway or yard?

We do our best to carefully deliver and pick up these dumpsters, but they are, of course, very heavy. If you are worried about a specific area of your property where the dumpster will be dropped, we suggest laying down a large piece of plywood. Dapper Dumpsters is not responsible for any damages to the surface where a dumpster may be located, but we will do our best to accommodate all needs.

How much can I put in my Dumpster?

As much as you want - but you can not stack higher than the side of the dumpster.

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